Pepco and nonprofit give away trees -- Gazette.Net


Months after Pepco came under fire for aggressively trimming hundreds of trees in the name of electric reliability, the utility is helping plant more trees.

Pepco is working with the Arbor Day Foundation’s Energy-Saving Trees program to give free trees to residents to help conserve energy and reduce their utility bill.

Among the criticism of Pepco’s tree trimming were complaints that the utility removed shade trees that helped to keep utility bills down and energy consumption low.

Pepco has extended the sign-up period for free trees to Nov. 21.

It has about 1,300 trees available for its customers in Maryland and Washington.

Pepco Spokesman Bob Hainey said those who want a free tree can visit

The website also provides advice on where to plant the trees to avoid interference with overhead and underground utility lines, Hainey said.

Trees will be delivered directly to the customer, according to a Pepco news release. Redbud, crape myrtle, river birch, honey locust, red maple and Northern red oak are among the species available.