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This is in response to the Nov. 7 letter from Barbara Hodges, “Maybe appointing judges is better than voting.” Well, where to begin. The blue and yellow signs were not the only ones. How about the red and white signs? And you do have a right to your opinion, which you get from being in a democracy, in which the majority of the people get the say of who is in charge.

Democracy is defined as government by the people or their elected representatives. If appointing judges is better than voting, where will that end? Oh, maybe we should have Gov. Martin O’Malley appoint his successor, or even better have the president name who will run the United States after him. That will cut down on the political signs, the T-shirts and banners. And just think of the millions of dollars we can give to the underprivileged in this country.

The money for political campaigns comes from fundraisers and supporters of the right to vote and not just have someone tell us who will be in charge. And if you have a good treasurer, you put the fundraising to work and are able to afford this. But fear not, this cost was not in anyway passed on to the people of St. Mary’s County.

You don’t get favors from a judge; you get the right kind of punishment for the crimes committed. And have no fear; the signs will most likely be recycled, since they are made of plastic. I will keep the Joe Stanalonis T-shirt, though.

I will keep my right and responsibility to vote in each election, thank you.

Frankie Suite, Mechanicsville