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I am very pleased with the overwhelming votes and support for me during the 2012 election. Due to your help, I was re-elected to the board of education for a fifth consecutive term. I am very grateful.

I have been volunteering about 25 years in St. Mary’s County public schools. I love what I do. Education is my calling, my purpose and my passion. I promise to continue to do my utmost best to support the goals, mission and vision of St. Mary’s County public schools.

I will continue to build collaborative relationships based on mutual respect and trust with board of education members, county commissioners, students, citizens and all stakeholders. I will continue to have an open mind and listen to all sides of an issue. I will continue to be a lifelong learner to stay abreast of issues, especially those which impact education. I will continue to participate in professional development. I will continue to maintain high uncompromising moral character. I will continue to be well prepared for board of education meetings. I will continue to put the needs of the students first in all my decisions. I will continue to exhibit a high degree of energy and enthusiasm, but most importantly love for all.

I consider it a high calling to serve all the citizens of St. Mary’s County. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

Mary M. Washington, Lexington Park