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One of the greatest privileges afforded to us in our small d democracy is the ability to exercise the right to vote and select the leaders of our government. So why is it that a common reaction after this years national election was, Im glad its over? Was it the barrage of television or radio ads? Was it the negative ads? Was it the uncertainty of what will happen or who was telling the truth? It was probably a combination of all of these things depending on your particular circumstances.

The election is over. The voters have spoken, and no matter how you voted, its time to move on to the task of insisting that our elected representatives make the decisions that will offer our country a strong and prosperous future. Based on the election results, we have a divided Congress and a divided nation, but its not the first time that has happened. History has recorded many times when our population was not in agreement, but we came out of those events even stronger. Maybe the best way to look at what the election has told us is that there is not a single right answer with which we can all agree. It would be unrealistic to make it seem like there is only one answer to any of the problems we face as a nation.

In a constantly changing world, the best thing that government can do is to provide stability and a sense of certainty and confidence as to what we can expect. When you look at our history, most of our national success has occurred when our people knew what to expect nationally and they were free to explore their options, unleash their entrepreneurial spirit, and develop their full potential.

In recent years the inability of government to address a number of national issues has caused uncertainty and has become a strain on our greatest resource — our people. Regardless of political affiliation, we all need to realize that while we may not agree with every decision that was made by the voters or by the elected officials, decisions must be made. It is only when we know what we are dealing with, what the rules are and how they change things for us that well move ahead. The people of this country are the economic engine. Government needs to do its job so our people can get that engine going.

The writer is president and CEO of the St. Marys County Chamber of Commerce.