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A server who skipped two appearances before the Charles County liquor board received a $300 fine last week for serving a beer to a 20-year-old man in June.

On Nov. 8, Vernon Jerome Craig of Waldorf admitted to serving a beer to an informant working with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office but denied the informant’s allegation that Craig had known he was underage. According to the police report, the informant and a sheriff’s deputy witness heard Craig, then a server at Buffalo Wild Wings in Waldorf, say, “Just be careful if my manager walks by.”

Craig said he was confused by the informant’s driver’s license and, as an experienced server and bartender, would not have sold the beer if he’d realized the patron was underage.

“Everything kind of went the same way [as described in the report], except I never had a conversation about my manager or anything like that. I don’t understand why they would say something like that. I made a mistake. I ’fessed up to my mistake, but I think it’s kind of bad that they’re adding stuff in that didn’t happen,” Craig said.

Later in the hearing, liquor board member Wayne Magoon expressed skepticism of Craig’s defense.

“Why would they lie? What would their motivation be?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I’m thinking just to make it look worse,” Craig replied.

Magoon was unconvinced.

“It just screams to me that you were careless about your employer. And that’s just not fair to your employer, and we fined them, anyway,” he said.

In September, the board of license commissioners asked the sheriff’s office to seek a warrant for Craig’s arrest after he did not appear for the first hearing on the incident, during which Buffalo Wild Wings was fined $250 for the lapse.

Craig missed a second hearing in October, but the board revoked its request for a warrant to give him a last chance to appear. Last week, Craig attributed his absences to child care needs and to confusion about the date of the hearing.

“The dates got switched around. I mis[took] the dates. I have a newborn son. I’ve been running around. The dates got mixed up in my head,” he said.

Temporary licenses issued

St. Joseph’s Catholic parish in Pomfret received a temporary license to sell or serve beer, wine and liquor from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. Dec. 31 for a New Year’s Eve celebration.

Shymansky’s Marina on Cobb Island received a temporary exception to serve beer, wine and liquor in a defined outside area from noon to 6 p.m. Nov. 19, with a rain date of Nov. 24, for a Knights of Columbus fishing tournament.

Licenses issued and transferred

Carlos Eduardo Politano and Adam DeSales Mudd received a new license for on-site sale of beer, wine and liquor for Genghis Grill, a new restaurant in Waldorf.

Misty Lee Conner and Ranjeet K. Gill, licensees for Blue Bay Restaurant & Liquor Store in Waldorf, transferred the business’s on- and off-site sale license to Geraldine McKevie and Reginald Saunders. McKevie and Saunders have applied to open a business called East 228 at the same location.