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I would like to address my concerns regarding trash along county roadways to the citizens of St Mary’s County, but mostly that trash found along Piney Point Road.

I live in Piney Point and the trash along Piney Point Road is more outrageous than can be easily described. In September, all trash was picked up along the roadway and you can hardly tell it today. My wife and I walk or ride bicycles on Piney Point Road five days a week. Recently, at the curve near Tall Timbers Road, there were eight plastic water bottles, two one-gallon plastic milk cartons and an enormous amount of paper along the roadway.

Let’s face it, people don’t roll down their car window and throw out a one-gallon plastic milk container onto the road shoulder. There is no doubt that the vast majority of this trash blows out of the bed of pickup trucks. Most of the people living on Piney Point Road deliver their trash to the satellite trash transfer station on Happyland Road; with the exception of the amount that blows out of their pickup trucks on the way to the trash site. Paper, plastic bottles and cans readily blow out of pickup trucks as they travel Piney Point Road on the way to the dump, and everyone needs to be mindful of this fact.

There are laws against littering; however, they are virtually impossible to enforce and it is up to each individual citizen to do their part to keep our roadways litter free. Just because there are no “No Litter” signs on Piney Point Road doesn’t mean trash can be legally strewn along the roadways.

My son once said to me that you can tell the quality of a neighborhood based on the amount of trash along the roadway leading into the neighborhood. If this is true, we are one trashy bunch of people living on Piney Point Road. Please think twice before filling the bed of your pickup truck with paper, bottles and cans which are not enclosed within a container and driving along Piney Point Road to the trash center. Thanks for your support.

Price S. Goldston, Piney Point