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I would like to thank the citizens of St. Maryís County for giving me the opportunity to continue to serve on behalf of the students, staff and community as a member of the St. Maryís County Board of Education. Once again this has been a bipartisan effort reflecting the letter and spirit of the school board as a nonpartisan office.

I congratulate the other candidates on their work to get their message out to voters. It isnít easy to take on such a task, but our community is better for the conversations campaigns generate. I applaud your willingness to be part of the process.

There are many challenges ahead for the board of education. I have faith that we as a board will work with the superintendent to make reasoned and effective decisions in the best interest of our students. A successful school system is an integral part of any community. We are fortunate to have a system staffed with individuals dedicated to the education of our students.

I also thank the St. Maryís County League of Women Voters as well as the Center for Democracy at St. Maryís College and the NAACP for offering voter forums to allow the public the chance to hear directly from candidates. Finally, I would like to thank both The Enterprise and the education associations (EASMC/CEASMC) of St. Maryís County for their endorsements.

I look forward to the next four years and will continue to work hard for our community. Thank you for your continued support of my efforts.

Cathy Allen, Hollywood