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I had my tonsils out when I was 6 years old, almost 60 years ago. Since then I wasn’t inside a hospital again for some 50 years, except for the births of my kids. So I am not a true hospital expert. However, I can recognize a superbly run organization that is meeting its goals and commitments to its customers, especially when I am personally the target of that mission.

I recently spent five days at MedStar St Mary’s Hospital being repaired from the effects of a bicycle accident. During that time, I marveled at the extraordinary level of competence and care directed in my behalf. The professionalism of the nursing cadre was simply superb, beyond my hopes and expectations. Each and every member of the staff whom I encountered along the way, from X-ray techs to cleaning crew, was exceptionally concerned for my welfare and just a joy to be with. I dare say that this warm caring and cool competence were key ingredients in my positive outlook and recovery.

To Christine Wray and her senior staff, I offer my sincere thanks and respect for running a tight ship, but a happy ship. To each member of the hospital staff, I offer my joy to have met you and to have been cared for so competently by you. You even sent me a thank-you note for choosing your hospital. I must return your thank you for your wonderful performance that validated that choice.

This community is truly blessed to have such a wonderful hospital to care for us.

Raymond Dudderar, California