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I was delighted, like most residents of Waldorf, to see a new grocery store come to town.

MOM’s Organic Market is a welcome addition to Charles County, not just for the organic food, but for the bar they have set when it comes to the environment.

MOM’s is one of the few stores in the area to offer charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles, and they even have a “green benefits” package for employees, including a $5,000 electric vehicle incentive.

With Motor Trend awarding the 2013 Car of the Year to the all-electric Tesla Model S, and with the increase in plug-in electric vehicle models, MOM’s is positioned well to service EV owners, who spend considerably more time in stores and restaurants when they are able to plug their vehicle in nearby.

They’ve set the bar that I hope other Charles County businesses will follow.

Mark Czajka, Waldorf

The writer is the director of MD Volt Inc.