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Republican Kenneth Timmerman filed a request to obtain voting machine records after losing in the 8th Congressional District race to U.S. Rep. Christopher Van Hollen Jr., who received 63 percent of the vote to Timmerman’s 33 percent.

“I believe that all Maryland voters want to have confidence that their votes count and will be counted accurately,” Timmerman said in an emailed statement.

Timmerman filed the request under the Maryland Public Information Act to obtain electronic voting machine records to clarify procedures to prevent tampering.

In his letter to the Montgomery County Board of Elections, Timmerman asks more than 25 questions, ranging from the physical security of the voting machines to technical questions about the software code.

Timmerman’s request was forwarded to the county election board’s attorney for review, said Marjorie Roher, spokeswoman for the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

“Right now our focus is on counting the ballots,” Roher said, referring to the remaining provisional ballots that were being reviewed Monday.

The county has 30 days to respond to Timmerman’s public information request, she said.

“I have been contacted by numerous voters in my district who have serious concerns about the security of our touch-screen voting system,” Timmerman said.

Van Hollen (D) of Kensington has won re-election handily in each re-election bid since his election in 2003. He received 76 percent of the vote in Montgomery County to Timmerman’s 20.6 percent.

Across the 8th District, which was redrawn as part of redistricting by the state legislature to include more parts of Carroll and Frederick counties, Van Hollen received 213,441 votes to Timmerman’s 112,225 votes in unofficial election results.