Poolesville High School cyber team scores big in state competition -- Gazette.Net


Congrats to the Poolesville High School Falcons! The team was named champion in its division at the second annual Maryland Cyber Challenge & Competition (MDC3), improving on last year’s second-place finish. The Falcons were one team of 378 competitors in three categories (high school, college and professional). They won the award after competing in the finals, which were held at the Baltimore Convention Center, Oct. 16-17 during CyberMaryland 2012.

Each team member will receive a $5,000 cash award from the NSA for their tech wizardry.

“We are honored to congratulate the winners and runners-up of the second annual Maryland Cyber Challenge,” said Charles Beard, senior vice president and chief information officer of Science Applications International Corporations, one of the groups that created MDC3. “Together, we have taken another step in growing the next generation of cybersecurity experts by offering both students and professionals this opportunity to practice their skills, teamwork and communication.”

Siddharth Singal, the team leader, said that the Falcons competed in a Centralized Network Defense Game, where he and his team members had to log in to various operating systems, find vulnerabilities in the system and fix them. Then they had to fend off a “Red Team,” which tried to infiltrate the systems and wreak havoc.

“Going to the competition was a completely new experience,” he said. “It’s really relevant to what’s happening in the world.”

The whole process lasted about six hours, he said.

“The last couple of hours and minutes were pretty nerve-wracking making sure other teams didn’t get ahead of us,” he said.