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Students of all ages at Barstow and Plum Point elementary schools each participated in the World Sport Stacking Association Guinness World Records Day on Thursday, Nov. 15.

The day was a combined effort of schools and organizations worldwide to beat the previous year’s record for cup stackers.

Barstow Elementary School had 530 students participate and Plum Point had 347.

Barstow physical education teacher Muffin Love led the effort at her school and said all 530 students rotated through different cup stacking stations involving scooters, a balance beam and a three-handed stack.

“They seemed to have a real good time,” Love said.

Plum Point’s coordinator, Dave Banyasz, said all Plum Point students had a unit in cup stacking two weeks prior to the competition.

“I think it’s different from what we usually do in phys-ed. ... It focusses on fine motor skills. You see a kid succeed who might not succeed in something like soccer, for instance. I think it’s wonderful,” he said.