Germantown students take second place in national tech competition -- Gazette.Net


Ever have that nagging fear that the organic arugula you bought grew in a field a block away from a nuclear testing facility? Fear not, some Germantown middle-schoolers made an app for that.

Angelo Castro, 13, Nikola Bura, 11, and Jordan Qassis, 12, competed as the SAP Germantown Droids at the SAP Community Network’s 10th annual Demo Jam at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas in October. SAP, based in Germany, is a software company specializing in “enterprise software and software-related services,” according to its website.

The team of whiz-kids came in second place in the competition, for their project, an iPhone app and online database called FoodAgent. The app scans the bar codes on supermarket items and tells a buyer where the food came from and if there is a possibility of it being contaminated.

The boys attend Roberto Clemente Middle School in Germantown, and their team was one of six invited to compete after being selected from an initial pool of 84 video applicants.

The SAP Germantown Droids were the youngest competitors SAP had ever had, Angelo’s parents said.