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How do I begin to thank each and every one of you for your acts of kindness?

About four years ago I was uprooted to West Virginia to take care of my daughter, Tyeast. Her doctor told me she probably wouldn’t make it because of her illness. Guess what? God intervened.

On June 3, a lot of you came out and helped me celebrate a birthday party. I never sent out thank-you cards. I now thank you for the cards or just being there.

On June 9, I was involved in a fender-bender. I was asked how we made it out alive. Guess what? God intervened, again. I thank you for all the calls and well wishes.

Last month, my daughters, Toni and Tyeast, were in the hospital at the same time. Again, a lot of you came out to a fundraiser chaired by Gloria Jefferson on Oct. 20. I thank each and every one of you who came out and the ones who are still sending cards, especially Mr. Thornton for the use of his facility.

The prayers and support of family and friends have brought us thus far. When we lose one friend God sends us another. When one door closes he opens another.

I ask that you please keep my family in your prayers. May God bless you.

Evelyn Farmer-Brown, Waldorf