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In response to Deron Tross’ letter “Autumn Hills traffic barriers not needed” [Maryland Independent, Nov. 7], I do not think the residents of Autumn Hills should preach about safety and traffic concerns and then completely discount the concerns of the residents of the surrounding area (Sun Valley Drive, Stavors Road and Constitution Hills).

As Helen Winkler mentioned in her letter, “Traffic barrier needed for safety” [Nov. 2], there are no sidewalks on Stavors Road which means that residents and children are forced to walk along this already heavily trafficked roadway. There are a lot of children who catch the bus along the road and it includes an entrance to Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Elementary School.

I am a resident of Constitution Hills and am very concerned about the extra traffic that would be coming through our neighborhood if the barriers were removed. As Ms. Winkler mentioned, speed is a big issue on Stavors Road and in Constitution Hills and additional traffic (310 households) could easily lead to additional accidents. Not to mention, the additional traffic would probably necessitate a traffic light being placed at the intersection of Stavors Road and Berry Road, causing even more traffic on an already congested Berry Road.

Many of the housing developments in Waldorf have only one access point, and we do not hear about it causing any serious safety issues. If one access point is truly the concern, then why isn’t expediting the opening of McDaniel Road north of Autumn Hills being proposed as an option?

While I understand the residents of Autumn Hills wanting the convenience to Berry Road, I would beg the county commissioners and county planners to take a very close look at the impact to all communities before making a decision on whether or not to remove the barriers.

Rebecca D’Ambrosio, Waldorf