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Some families in Rockville got an early start to holiday celebrations with an international dinner and performances. Czech pastries, Middle Eastern hummus, Southern fried chicken and Chinese noodles loaded tables to give families at taste of different cultures at Lincoln Park Community Center’s International Night.

Yvette Yeboah, supervisor at the community center, and Kegan Louryk, assistant supervisor, organized the Nov. 16 event.

“The turnout was great,” Yeboah said. “With a lot of events, sometimes you don’t know what to expect, but we were very pleased with the turnout.”

Yeboah said about 158 people showed up to take part in the food, music and festivities. The event’s organizers plan to repeat the event in future years, possibly on an annual basis.

“[We wanted to] try to get the families together before the holidays to share each other’s culture and to get to know people in the community,” Yeboah said.

International Night’s potluck dinner included at least 40 types of food from different countries.

“We ran out of tables to put it on,” Yeboah said.

After dinner, people gathered in the community center’s gym for dance and musical performances by Ritmos del Peru, the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center, Rockville High School, The Finest, and other members of the community.

Children from the community center’s afterschool program also made flags and learned about different countries so they could share their international knowledge with their parents and neighbors at the event.

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