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America, what has happened to you? I remember when most worked hard and helped each other out when needed. Now, most do not work, and those in need (and some not) get all the handouts the government provides with little or no effort.

Proof of this is the huge increase in food stamps and people on welfare since Obama took office. I know some people truly need this support for a time, but some live on it as a lifestyle. This has resulted in the outcome of this past election.

Our schools no longer teach true history, respect or morals. If they did, people would remember what has happened to past societies that failed to put work ethics, morals and charity as the backbone of their societies.

In the state I live in, gambling and same-sex marriage passed and Obama was re-elected, all showing me this state has no moral compass and will most likely suffer the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah did in the past.

I am a Christian and that means I stand for something. I know our society makes fun of those of us who truly believe as I do, as some will do because I have equated our current situation with Sodom and Gomorrah. As long as some of us still remain true to our Christian beliefs, America still has hope.

Not the hope and change Obama promised in the first election (I did not hear that this time), but true hope. While standing in line to vote, I had some Obama supporters tell me they did not believe that same-sex marriage or gambling should pass, but they still supported the very guy who wanted all of that.

When will Americans start voting their beliefs and not their cultural wants? Yes, as you can tell, I am very disappointed that Americans chose Obama as well as most of the worst ballot initiatives that have passed throughout the country.

Again, I still have hope, and I will continue to pray every day for this country to come back to its work ethic, moral compass and love of God and country of the past.

Carol Phillips, Waldorf