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The president presented the Medal of Honor to U.S. Marine Cpl. Dakota Meyer in September 2011. On Sept. 9, 2009, Cpl. Meyer and a detachment of Afghan soldiers and U.S. Marines walked into an ambush. Cpl. Meyer was acting as rear guard and saw it all take place. He was ordered to stand fast but soon realized the battle was not going in our favor.

He then ignored the order and fought his way into the middle of the ambush five times to rescue three dozen of his detachment and the remains of four of his buddies. Cpl. Meyer followed the military code of honor of not leaving your fellow warriors or their remains on the field of battle.

Compare Cpl. Meyer’s actions with those of our current leadership in the White House, Defense Department, State Department and CIA.

Somebody in the high levels of the administration deserves a “medal of shame” for turning his back on the four Americans murdered in Benghazi. Their actions leading up to and during the seven-hour battle were reprehensible. It has been two months since this treachery, and we the people still do not know who gave the order to stand down and let those people be murdered.

If this investigation goes like the one on Fast and Furious, it will go until the media can direct everybody’s attention to the next sex scandal. I would venture that a good small-town homicide detective could get the answers we need in a couple of days, assuming executive privilege were not invoked.

Jerry Miller, Dentsville