Sheriff’s office launches ‘Purple Ribbon’ campaign -- Gazette.Net


The Prince George’s sheriff’s department has launched its “Purple Ribbon” campaign to increase awareness about domestic violence crimes and remind victims that there is assistance available to them.

Magnetic purple ribbons will be displayed on sheriff’s deputies’ vehicles to remind residents of domestic violence issues. Each ribbon includes the URL to the county sheriff’s department’s blog page, which includes resources and information to seek assistance if someone is in a domestic violence situation, according to the sheriff’s department.

Each ribbon also will have the caption “End Domestic Violence,” according to sheriff’s deputies.

“The battle against this crime is a very important one and there is a great deal of cooperation among law enforcement, the courts and professionals in domestic violence to raise awareness around domestic violence crime and to help victims become survivors,” said Sheriff Melvin High in a statement. “The model of response we’ve developed over the years in domestic violence response has been recognized by industry professionals and the assessment of an independent expert. We will continue to share that model with community, families and partners whenever we can. “