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On my way home Friday afternoon, Nov. 9, I stopped at a grocery store on Great Mills Road to pick up a couple of items. Just ahead of me in the checkout line was a friendly young man and we chatted for a minute or two about the beautiful day. He paid for his purchases and as he turned to leave, he put $5 on the counter and said, “This is for hers” and quickly walked out.

When I realized what he had done, I tried to catch up to him to tell him I didn’t need the money and although I appreciated his kindness, please use it for himself. But he was nowhere in sight.

As I drove home, I decided the best way to thank this generous stranger would be to keep his gift going, so that night when I went to St. Andrew’s Church’s winter bazaar, I left an extra $5 knowing that somewhere down the line it will help someone.

I hope the friendly young man will read this and know that his money has moved forward to a person who needs it.

And I hope he knows his kindness — his random act of kindness — was a gift I will remember and cherish forever.

Betsy Armitage, Lexington Park