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I agree with the many recent letters about the decline and wrong direction of this nation, but the main reason is that the people have rejected Christianity. This has been a long, slippery slope, but the recent election results tell us that we are near the bottom.

If you claim to be a Christian and voted for President Obama and the Democrats, you voted for candidates who believe there is nothing wrong with homosexuality or murdering innocent children in the womb. You also believe that the government is a higher authority than the church and can force the church to do things against its beliefs.

You are definitely not with Jesus and shouldn’t be calling yourself one of his followers. That definitely applies to the 52 percent of Catholics, 70 percent of Hispanics and 95 percent of blacks who voted for Democrats.

You can be a Christian or a Democrat, but with the Democrats’ present policies, you can’t be both.

Now, the good news. If you are beginning to realize what you have done by supporting the Democratic Party or if you already knew and did it anyway, remember that God is merciful and forgiving. If you are truly sorry, repent and ask him, he will forgive you.

Regardless of whether or not you repent, because of his re-election, this nation will still have to go through many hardships; the anti-Christian policies President Obama and the Democrats will continue and new ones they’ll add during his second term. But the greatest hardships may well come from God.

I can’t believe he is pleased with a nation where a majority of the voters spit in his face with their votes for the Democratic Party. And I fear what judgment he will send down on us.

Robert Boudreaux, Waldorf