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Every seven minutes, a child is bullied. One out of every four teens is bullied. One out of every five children admits to being a bully, or to having done some type of “bullying,” according to The word “bully” means a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people, according to This has become a growing epidemic among children today.

This year, Northern High School’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter is trying to make other students in the community more aware of this bullying epidemic through its community service project, called “Love is Louder.” The goal of Love is Louder is to make others aware that bullying is a problem and to get everyone involved in supporting anti-bullying — bully victims, people who have bullied in the past or anyone who just wants to get involved. FBLA will be hosting many events, such as rallies, midnight bowling, a 5K walk, a Christmas party and a silent auction called A Decade Later, in which half of the proceeds will go toward Love is Louder.

The first event that Love is Louder will be hosting is the Christmas party, called “Dear Santa, Please Fill My Stocking with Love.” It is being held at the Northeast Community Center in Chesapeake Beach on Dec. 22 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. At the party, there will be dinner and crafts, such as ornament and cupcake decorating, along with Wii games and “intolerance tiles,” in which the kids will write a story about being bullied or being a bully, or another phrase related to bullying, on a tile, and then throw the tile into a trash can to help the child begin to move on from past experiences. FBLA members also plan to begin building friendly relationships with the children.

The students of FBLA are working very hard to help make others in the community aware of this bullying epidemic, and are trying to help those who have been bullied. We are hoping that these activities being planned will help make others aware. Bullying affects everyone in some way, so those planning the project feel that Love is Louder is close to the heart. Hopefully, our first event, the Christmas party, will kick start an anti-bullying movement in our community.

If there are any questions on the party date or times, or if you would like to get involved, please contact NHS FBLA Advisor, Nancy Cohen, at

Nancy Cohen, Owings

The writer is the advisor for the Northern High School Future Business Leaders of America.