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I am back, finally, sort of, ok, not really, maybe just for this edition.

Either way, I am here with the winter sports SMAC predictions a fun look at the upcoming season of high-school sports via, well, predictions.

Here is the thing, over the recent holiday break, I have been watching a lot of television is that good thing or bad thing?

But I have been watching a lot of television and with that said, here are your winter sports SMAC predictions.

Boys basketball starts back up with the coming of winter sports and, Amen, because I love basketball. This season, the Thomas Stone boys basketball program will look to make it a Cougar Town with its play through the season.

However, the past couple of seasons have been The Wonder Years for the North Point Eagles program and I believe that the Eagles will win SMAC this year and maybe, perhaps, make a deep state playoff run.

I also believe the Calvert Cavaliers boys team will create plenty of Cheers through the season and surprise not only SMAC, but the state.

Speaking of Calvert, fitting that the school colors are blue and gold because the girls basketball program will continue to be The Golden Girls and will win SMAC this season on the girls side.

However, it will be the North Point girls trying to show Calvert and the rest of SMAC Who’s The Boss as it will try to be on top of the SMAC girls basketball this season, as well.

I also expect the Westlake Wolverines and Chopticon Braves girls basketball teams to show it is A Different World as they each will try to take aim at the SMAC title.

The St. Mary’s Ryken Knights wrestling team has a Fresh Prince in town in wrestler Josh Lopez who will help the Knights current roster M.A.S.H. up the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference this upcoming season.

On the SMAC side of the mat, plenty of teams want to show see what I did there who is All That and will be trying to get as low as the Rugrats on the mat.

Getting the lowest on the mats, I believe, will be the Thomas Stone as it will win SMAC this season please, I come in peace wrestling fans.

I also believe, however, that the Leonardtown Raiders, La Plata Warriors and North Point will also compete for a SMAC title making it a Full House atop the SMAC standings by season end.

As far as SMAC swimming goes, it will be time for all swimmers to put their Diff’rent Strokes on display.

I predict that Leonardtown, amongst all its team’s Family Matters, will Taxi down swimming lanes for another girl’s SMAC championship.

But the Raiders girls will not have it easy because the Huntingtown Hurricanes and North Point girls team will not be under the sea playing with Spongebob Squarepants, they will be right on the heels of the Raiders girls.

On the boys side of the lanes, I predict that North Point will not make any new Friends by winning SMAC, but hey, they just need to win, right?

But hey, that’s all for this season’s predictions and I am kind of sad because I had a full list of shows I wanted to work in somehow.

Oh well, until next time, “Prediction Guy,” out.