Police: Gunshots fired at teen house party in Olney -- Gazette.Net


Police confirmed Tuesday that gunshots were fired during an underage drinking party in Olney Friday night.

Montgomery County police spokeswoman Angela Cruz said that on Nov. 30 at 9:36 p.m., officers responded to a report of a large underage party in the 17500 block of Old Baltimore Road.

“As they were setting up in the area, there were three gunshots heard,” said Cruz. ”That led us to get inside the house quickly, and many units responded to the scene.”

Once they got inside, they determined that no one had been shot, she said.

“For unknown reasons, an unknown person fired three rounds from the porch of the residence,” said Cruz. “We did not locate any injured people or suspects.”

She said it took a while to calm the crowd. It was determined that one party-goer had been physically assaulted. The victim was evaluated by fire and rescue personnel. That incident is also being investigated.

Cruz said that while detectives could not give a number, they said it was a “very, very large party,” attended by mostly high school-age teens. Police checked the identification of almost all party-goers.

At this point, only one juvenile alcohol citation has been issued.

“There are no other arrests yet,” she said. “It is still an open investigation.”