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A Calvert County man released from jail two weeks ago after his arrest on a theft charge was arrested again, and released on bond, on charging papers alleging he physically abused a boy last Tuesday at a Lexington Park residence.

Carl Joseph Siegel Jr., 27, of Huntingtown was charged with second-degree child abuse at the home off Great Mills Road, plus committing a second-degree assault on the boy’s mother.

Law officers arrested Siegel on Nov. 23, court papers state, when they found him in possession of a driver’s license and money that had been stolen moments earlier with Denise Hicks’ purse while she was shopping at the Walmart store in California. A court commissioner released Siegel on personal recognizance.

Maryland State Police was dispatched Nov. 27 to Kelly Janeene Cates’ home, court papers state, where she told police she and the suspect were in a bedroom playing with her children when he kicked her 8-year-old son in the stomach. Cates’ 6-year-old daughter also was in the room.

Cates told police she earlier gave Siegel $100 in part to buy Christmas presents, and when she asked for the money back because she feared he would use it to buy drugs, charging papers allege, he pushed her into a dresser during an ensuing struggle and left the residence after grabbing a large bag of synthetic marijuana.

Siegel was arrested Wednesday, Nov. 28, police report, and was released the next morning on $10,000 bond posted by a bail bondsman.