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The Independent’s front page Nov. 30 leads with this headline, “Co. adopts ‘civility’ code for officials.”

How sad is it that we have become a society whereby our county commissioners have to take their time away from running the business of Charles County to adopt a code instructing adults how to conduct themselves in public meetings?

I thank our commissioners for doing so, but in reality, we as citizens need to stop and take a breath.

This bad conduct extends well beyond public meetings. It reaches out into our businesses, our neighborhoods, our schools etc., and appears to be a normal way of life to all people of any age, gender or race.

We have allowed this bad behavior to become acceptable. It should not be acceptable. We should discipline ourselves to be better and do better and show some self-control and kindness.

Even if we were raised in a type of atmosphere that had no instruction on good behavior, we all know what is right and what is wrong behavior by the time we are 5 years old. Let’s see some improvement in conduct here from us all.

Carolyn Lowe, Waldorf