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When Hot 99.5 decided to put together its inaugural holiday musical extravaganza Jingle Ball 2012, it reached for the stars. And stars are exactly what they got.

On Dec. 11, a dream lineup of some of the hottest and most popular musicians will be headed to the Patriot Center for a star-studded concert that is sure to start any music fan’s holiday season off right.

The night will include best selling artists Justin Bieber, Enrique Iglesias, Ke$ha, Flo Rida, PSY, Austin Mahone and Cher Lloyd.

Although he might not be a household name like the others, another singer playing the bill is Ed Sheeran, a 21-year-old out of Halifax, England, who those in the know believe will rise to become one of the music industry’s most popular stars in 2013.

“It’s quite nice to go out and play these big impact shows and be among so many great artists,” Sheeran said. “I think I’m going to be doing three different songs and I really love the chance to entertain people.”

Not that the singer doesn’t already cause quite the commotion with his music. Sheeran’s debut album has gone quintuple platinum, his song “The A Team” continues to chart and you can’t attend a Sheeran concert without hearing thousands of screaming girls.

“I honestly don’t think I am selling records based on the way that I look,” the freckled-faced Brit said. “I don’t think I’m exactly boy band material. It’s still a bit strange with all the screams.”

In addition to writing most of his own songs, Sheeran also wrote “Little Things” for One Direction, the current No. 1 single on the UK iTunes chart and quickly racing up the U.S. list. He also co-wrote “Everything Has Changed,” a duet with Taylor Swift, which appears on her best-selling album, “Red.”

Swift enjoyed working with Sheeran so much that she invited him to open for her on her world tour, which will play throughout 2013.

“I am very, very fortunate that Taylor Swift has asked me to come along on her tour,” he said. “I do think it’s less pressure when you are the headline act because people pay to come see you but with this you need to take the opportunity and perhaps catch people’s attention and they go home remembering your name.”

Sheeran has been playing guitar and writing songs from as early as he can remember. At the age of 15, he recorded his first EP and followed that up with more original songs on new EPs each of the following two years.

He played around London and built up a small following, but it was his decision to head to Los Angeles in 2010 that changed his life. While playing mostly at coffee houses and small clubs, Sheeran was discovered by actor Jamie Foxx at The Foxxhole and offered the youngster use of his recording studio and the run of his Hollywood home for the rest of his stay.

“I got on with him really well and hung out for a bit,” Sheeran said. “Then I travelled around a lot and did a lot of concerts and was able to get that news that someone wanted to work with me.”

It wasn’t long after that Sheeran released “+,” and he’s watched the album deliver one successful tune after another.

“It’s really, really nice to be able to share the songs I’ve written and have it affect people in such a way,” he said. “I haven’t reached that glass ceiling yet and I can’t see when it’s going to level out and stop and I want to watch until the peak. It’s not exactly how I knew it would be, and there hasn’t been that point like when I was younger and I always imagined that I made it, and I don’t know when it’s going to come.”

Being listed among today’s hottest stars is certainly a start and by the time Jingle Ball 2013 rolls around, Sheeran’s name is sure to be one of those in-demand artists that Hot 99.5 wishes for again.