Greenbelt awards residents who recycle -- Gazette.Net


Following recycling rules paid off for five Greenbelt residents on Nov. 26, when city officials presented them with the annual "Recycle Right" Award.

Greenbelt Recycling Coordinator Luisa Robles said that for two weeks, city officials inspected the contents of residents' recycling bins to ensure they were following all of the recycling guidelines. Out of those "perfect" bins, one winner was randomly selected from each route.

Perfect bins, Robles said, "means we didn't see any dirty cat food containers or Styrofoam or peanuts, nothing that was not supposed to be in the bins" during the two-week period.

Winners received a new recycle bin filled with prizes donated by various organizations, including a T-shirt made from recycled materials, water bottles, cleaning supplies and $5 gift cards.

The winners were Suzette Agans, Carol Griffith, Sheila Maffay-Tuthill, Nancy Sharpe and Stephen Isler.

"We've been doing this for several years as a way to encourage people to be more careful and make sure only recycled materials go in their bins," said Greenbelt Mayor Judith Davis. "Luisa does a very good job of educating the public and I'm always interested in seeing who wins."