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While I always get a good laugh out of the gloom-and-doom, sky-is-falling letters by Robert Boudreaux, I found his most recent letter [“Country has rejected Christianity,” Maryland Independent, Nov. 30] particularly amusing. Mr. Boudreaux (whose passion for his beliefs I truly admire) sees the re-election of Barack Obama as a sign that America is rejecting Christianity. This would imply that America was at one time a much more Christian nation.

I ask Mr. Boudreaux and all like-minded hand-wringers when exactly this more Christian America existed.

Was it during the systematic, relentless holocaust perpetrated against Native Americans?

Was it during the more than 80 years when half the country practiced state-sanctioned slavery?

Maybe it was it during the ensuing 100 years of legalized discrimination against “free” African-Americans, complete with disenfranchisement, segregation and lynchings?

Perhaps it was during the countless decades when women, gay people and those of certain religious faiths God’s creatures, one and all could be discriminated against with impunity.

If Mr. Boudreaux’s god did not see fit to give America a good smiting for those rather serious transgressions, I’m guessing he’ll be able to tolerate lesser evils such as same-sex marriage and women retaining the right to choose what to do with their very own bodies.

Stan Capper, Waldorf