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Three resignations in last several months


Staff writer

Three employees of the supervisory staff for the county’s aquatic facilities have resigned in the last several months.

Both Timothy DeLucia, the Edward T. Hall Aquatic Center’s facility manager, and Lynne Jorgensen, the aquatic center’s assistant facility manager, resigned in June, said Doug Meadows, the Calvert County Division of Parks and Recreation division chief.

Meadows explained one moved on to a position elsewhere and the other retired, though he would not specify who took which action.

The aquatics supervisor for the county, Kenneth Gray, resigned last week, Meadows said.

Meadows said all three employees had been on staff for multiple years.

“It’s a little abnormal,” Meadows said of the situation, but added that the aquatic centers are well supervised and operating just as before.

“Things are rolling right along. We haven’t missed a beat,” he said.

Staff has been rearranged to ensure the centers’ daily operations, he explained.

Commissioner Susan Shaw (R), who pushed for the Edward T. Hall Aquatic Center before it opened officially in 2010, said she hasn’t heard anything negative or of anyone having issues with the pool since the resignations.

“I’m hoping it’s not something that the public can see,” she said of the effects of those unfilled positions on the facility’s daily operations.

She said, “Sometimes when you have a facility like that ... and you have somebody who’s supervising all the pools, there’s some friction about how you’re operating,” though she didn’t say that is the reason for any of the resignations. “Beyond that, I think it’s normal personnel issues.”

DeLucia, Jorgensen and Gray were not available for comment.

The positions for facility manager and assistant facility manager have not been filled yet, Meadows said, noting that does not “endanger” the aquatic center. The positions were originally posted in the fall and have not been posted again at this time.

The postings will be on the county website at