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I enjoyed Phil Zalesak’s letter on climate change being a natural occurrence in the Dec. 7 issue of The Enterprise. To paraphrase an old adage, “Those who are ignorant of history are unprepared for it.” By this I mean anyone familiar with history or earth science knows the Earth has been going through warm and cold spells, continental shift, volcanic activity, etc. for millions of years. Why, scientists have even proven that the magnetic poles have reversed more than once. I expect that these changes will continue until the sun becomes a red dwarf.

A majority of people seem to think that because it is convenient for them to keep the climate the same as they have always experienced it is somehow the best of all possible worlds. Why just 200 years ago, prior to the evil industrial revolution that has caused the generation of so many greenhouse gases, we thought nothing of New York harbor or even Breton Bay freezing over so that you could take the shortcut home across the ice. Does this happen today?

Earth was coming out of a very minor ice age and things were warming up all over. This is a trend that continues to this day. How about all those Asians who lost their land bridge to North America? I’ll bet they complained loudly to their neighbors, too. How about all those taxpayers who saw their hard-earned money being sent to New Orleans to rebuild a city situated below present-day sea level that is in a major hurricane alley? Many probably regret this complete waste of resources and more will come to this conclusion as the waters rise.

People hate change. It forces them to cope with new things. Ultimately, however, it would be a major change to attempt to stabilize Earth’s climate. Climate change has led to the evolution of civilization, diversification of our ecology, and voyages of exploration to the moon and beyond. What if the dinosaurs still ruled the planet? Who is to say when the Earth’s climate is “right?” Let’s just embrace the change, know what’s coming, and welcome the opportunity to evolve even further.

One other thing will continue to provide comfort to those unwilling to embrace change. Expect real estate taxes to continue their usual, steady, climb as there is less and less land to tax due to rising sea levels.

Glenn Weder, Hollywood