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For all the people in the world who are looking for more than just prayer or even a different way to pray and feel they can do nothing except pray during these atrocities, I submit that everyone who cares should begin within and address all of the own negative thinking, no matter how trivial, that occurs in each and every one of us.

Because, I submit, accumulative negative energy only produces and contributes to negative results in and around our lives and throughout the world.

Become aware of what is negative thinking and what is negative acting. Become aware of when it occurs and work hard to change the way you think and behave within the context of your own family, and especially become aware and shift in the way your inner voice talks about stuff. If it is negative thinking, then that contributes to negativity in the universe, i.e., a butterfly effect on the subconscious energy wavelengths we all share, if you will. The idea is to get billions of us to diminish the amount of negativity that is so pervasive in all of our everyday thinking and doing.

It is hard work to fill those deep neural grooves of negative behavior that were dug earlier on in our lives. Yes, the derelicts who randomly kill are probably not going to be able to wrap their brains around this concept. But it is up to us and those who can identify with this logic to realize that, yes, there is this transformative way of thinking that is more powerful and available to use to stop the negativity that feeds wars and hatred and arguments and unhappiness.

Think of all the bandwidths out there. Telepathic thinking has happened to each of us more and more often. We are now using more and more of our brain power than ever before (hey, look up from your device once in awhile, too. OK? Or at least get busy sharing this concept).

Simply put, if we all are not willing to heal that rift between a family member or a neighbor or we are not immediately forgiving of that guy who just cut in front of us, then how can you expect nations to get along?

Of course, this is just one way of figuring out how to cope with these tragedies but valid nonetheless. Especially because it costs nothing but thinking to become more aware.

If acknowledging the power of our own negative thinking, no matter how minor, contributes to a portion of the blame for what goes on in the world, it is easier to see how we can all make a change for the better and make a difference each day.

And maybe by not allowing so much bombardment into our lives of those things we canít control — for instance, so much news coverage — there will be more room for our very own thinking and transformation.

Peace and strength be with you all on your transformative journey for the betterment of all mankind.

Norman Dierks Palmer, Nanjemoy