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Weems re-elected vice president


Staff writer

The county commissioners informally decided to rotate the role of president among its five Republican members, the commissioners said this week.

On Tuesday, Commissioner Pat Nutter (R) was unanimously elected president of the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners, after Commissioners’ President Gerald W. “Jerry” Clark (R) nominated Nutter and Commissioners’ Vice President Steve Weems (R) for president and a second term as vice president, respectively.

“It’s preparation and experience and training,” Nutter said Wednesday, adding that the board decided it wanted to give the different members the experience.

“If we have some incumbents who run [in 2014], it’s about having as much experience as you can. I think that’s the idea behind it,” he explained.

There was no discussion during the meeting regarding the nomination or who should be nominated.

On Wednesday, Nutter said, “I have a group of really great commissioners. ... I feel very comfortable with their decision.”

Weems said Thursday he was “humbly surprised that a majority wanted me as vice president.”

Weems said he was “very happy” to see Nutter elected president.

“I think he will bring a degree of unity to the board as a whole,” Weems said, noting Nutter has the ability to compromise and is very analytical in his decision making.

Clark, who was not nominated for a second year as commissioners’ president, said after the meeting that the board made the decision last year to rotate the officer positions around from one board member to the next.

Commissioner Susan Shaw (R) said Wednesday that last year, during the officer elections, there was discussion about bringing the new commissioners along.

“In the past, that was not done by making someone president, although it certainly could facilitate that,” Shaw explained.

“We didn’t all sit down in a back room somewhere [and make that decision]. That did not happen,” Shaw said of the informal decision to rotate the office.

She said she was “pleased that [the other commissioners] did stick to what they said” for this election.

“The bottom line is, I feel very good about the election. I feel very positive,” Shaw said.

Commissioner Evan Slaughenhoupt (R) said he is “very pleased with Pat being president of the board. It’s very helpful to have somebody as available as Pat.”

Slaughenhoupt said he would like to see Nutter serve two terms as president and believes Nutter “will be more open minded” to new ideas.

By law, the board has the ability to change the officers with a majority vote if it feels the president doesn’t adequately represent the board.