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How ironic that a letter writer revealed his hatred of America in the Maryland Independent on Dec. 7, the 71st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor [“A more Christian nation?”].

Back then, the greatest generation rallied and saved our nation and the world from falling into the hands of brutal, power-hungry tyrants.

A lot of brave men who suffered and sacrificed their lives for this nation would be grief-stricken to see what is happening in America today.

My own father, now deceased, fought in the Pacific during World War II. He sustained long-term maladies from combat, but he never asked for a dime from the Veterans Administration or the government. He supported a wife, seven children and a mother-in-law. After years of endless toil, sheer discipline and determination, he raised our standard of living. Yet he remained humble, giving all glory to God. Until his death, he remained eternally grateful for his family and his country.

My father would be devastated to see the country he loved falling into decline. We were once a nation guided by our Judeo-Christian religious principles. Our faith gave us moral courage to uphold ideals such as individual sovereignty, industriousness, self-reliance, fiscal discipline and personal accountability. These were standards every one of us could strive to attain and take pride in achieving. Being united in these ideals made our nation prosperous, strong and exceptional the envy of the world.

What happened to us, America? Everything is upside down. What’s right is wrong, and what’s wrong is right.

Hard-working and successful individuals are demonized and penalized, while sloth, envy and dependency are encouraged and rewarded. The national debt is increasing exponentially, and we’re teetering toward bankruptcy. Unemployment climbs, but the powers that be hide the true statistics by discounting those who’ve stopped looking for work. The institution of marriage, the only time-honored, reliable and trusted environment conducive to raising children, is devalued. A segment of women believe the country is at war against them because people cringe at killing innocents at all, much less at taxpayer expense.

In the last presidential election, half the country rejected Mitt Romney, a man who epitomized achievement, leadership, success, optimism, generosity and personal and professional integrity. His clean living, personal acts of generosity and largesse to charitable organizations exemplified his high moral code and sense of compassion. He lived his values, rather than preached them. And yet, many voters claimed they didn’t trust him.

Surprisingly, voters did trust the glib, celebrity-style candidate with zero achievements, no leadership skills or governing ability, and a failed record who blames others for his own failings, which are too numerous to mention here.

And the letter writer mocks those who are concerned about the future of America.

Who needs enemies outside our gates when people with radical and corrupt ideas are destroying us from within?

Bernadette Smith, Welcome