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After a disappointing loss to North Point and Chopticon last week, our team knew that we had to move on and look forward to the next meet.

However, not everything went as planned.

Tuesday, we swam against McDonough and Calvert. For the most part, McDonough has about the same amount of swimmers that Stone has. The team knew going into the meet that it would be very close between all the schools.

Our girls 200 medley relay, which both of us are in, was able to get a first-place win, which started the meet off great.

Stone had a good meet overall as we had several first- and second-place finishes. Races were close and very exciting.

The boys team was able to get second place overall in the meet. This was really exciting as everyone puts so much work into swimming and itís always great to see that work pay off. We couldnít be more proud of our boys.

But, unfortunately the girls team didnít have the same result. The entire meet was extremely close, and every race counted to say the least.

We lost by one point to McDonough and nine points to Calvert, which was heartbreaking.

This really hit everyone hard and made us realize that we have to keep pushing ourselves to do better.

We must move forward from this. We will not let this meet define our season as we still have several meets left.

We know by continuing our hard work and dedication that our team will keep getting stronger. There is still a lot of room for improvement.

The team has a lot of work to do dealing with technique and our swims overall. No matter what, our team will stand together. In the end, we both truly believe this will all pay off.

Giving up isnít an option even though the meet didnít result in our favor. We will continue working toward our goal.

Amber Sandy

and Taylor Stark

Thomas Stone juniors