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Mahoney elected as council vice president


Staff writer

The mayor and new town council of Chesapeake Beach were sworn in Thursday, Dec. 20, at the beginning of the regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

Mayor Bruce Wahl was sworn in for his second term as mayor by Calvert County Clerk of the Circuit Court Kathy Smith. Wahl then swore in the two newly elected council members, Eric Reinhardt and Jeff Krahling, and the four re-elected members, Bob Carpenter, Pat “Irish” Mahoney, Valerie Beaudin and Stewart Cumbo.

Sharon Humm, the town clerk, and Leslie Porter, the town treasurer, were also sworn in by Wahl.

In a 5-1 vote, the council elected Mahoney to serve as the council vice president, with Carpenter voting against the motion.

Carpenter said he was unable to support Mahoney’s nomination for a few reasons.

“I believe that the vice president of the council should be a leader, and I don’t see Mr. Mahoney in that position,” Carpenter said.

After serving four years on the council with Mahoney, Carpenter said he does not believe Mahoney seeks consensus but, instead, thrives on dissention. Carpenter said he also does not believe a leader should initiate or participate in character assassination, and “as the victim of that by Mr. Mahoney in this past campaign, I can’t support this motion.”

After the nomination was accepted, Mahoney thanked the council for re-electing him as vice president.

“It’s an honor,” he said.