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Murray Levy’s letter in the Independent on Dec. 12 was yet another head-in-the-sand reaction by the Balanced Growth Initiative faction to the environmentalists’ concern about development in rural areas [“Tier map is legal, preserves families as well as land”].

The main point of environmentalists is that clear evidence shows that deforestation by rural development has reduced the viability of wildlife in county waterways, especially the Mattawoman Creek, to the point that further development will likely kill it. The majorities of the Charles County Planning Commission and the Charles County commissioners, and the BGI people, have disputed this fact.

They all claim that stopping rural development is taking property and killing jobs. Neither is true.

The county has stated that people whose property has lost value due to rezoning are entitled to and will be compensated for that loss. No existing jobs are threatened if forests are left alone. Residential and business development in urbanized areas is not threatened; it is encouraged as an incentive to job growth and practical mass transit, where people can walk to work or to a bus or train station.

Bruce Kirk, La Plata