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I want to take this opportunity to thank all my friends and people who have read my articles and supported me and my ideas for more than 10 years. Of course, I have been writing letters to the newspapers and articles for the monthly newsletter for the local chapter of the AARP for many years.

At my age of 92, I feel that it is time to hang up my pen and concentrate on finishing my autobiography. I have written the first edition, and it is now being edited by my daughter, who lives in Tennessee.

I started writing articles while I was working for the Post Office Department, way back in 1948.

I was national officer for a postal supervisors organization, and we had to write an article for our monthly magazine.

During those years, I acquired many friends; when I wrote my articles, they were always positive, never negative. I found out early that the newspapers could write the negative things; thatís how they sold newspapers.

So, once again, thanks to all of you, and I might be writing a letter if and when I felt it should be aired.

Happy holidays. May God bless America.

Lemon Moses Jr., Waldorf