Frederick County resumes snow-delayed recycling -- Gazette.Net


Frederick County waste-management crews will be scrambling to pick up recycling that was missed as a result of Wednesday’s snow, officials said.

Crews will begin Friday wherever they left off when pickup was suspended due to the weather, said Annmarie Creamer, coordinator of the county’s recycling outreach program.

Whatever they can’t get to Friday, they’ll pick up Saturday, she said.

Adding to the challenges of the weather was a large amount of wrapping paper, boxes and other materials left over from the Christmas holiday, Creamer said.

Areas affected by the cancellation of services included Spring Ridge, Libertytown, Mount Pleasant, Johnsville and sections of Frederick, according to a county news release.

To make all the pickups, crews will be using trash trucks as well as their normal vehicles, but Creamer said anything they pick up will still be taken to the county’s recycling facilities.

Up-to-date information for curbside recycling can be obtained by visiting the recycling office website at or calling 301-600-2960.