Gaithersburg closer to reversing fortunetelling ban -- Gazette.Net


The future may soon be bright for those who are looking to get into the fortunetelling business in Gaithersburg.

City officials are mulling over the details of an ordinance that would lift a ban on fortunetelling businesses.

The Gaithersburg Planning Commission is scheduled to meet Jan. 2 to vote to recommend the mayor and city council enact an ordinance that allows the soothsayers to locate in certain commercial and light industrial zones.

Currently, the cityís zoning ordinance does not allow fortunetelling operations, citing a Montgomery County Law. But a Maryland Court of Appeals ruling struck down that county law saying it restricted free speech, The Gazette previously reported.

Last summer, the city of Gaithersburg embarked on an effort to reverse its ban after a few anonymous callers said they wanted to open fortunetelling businesses, City Attorney Lynn Board said. The mayor and council held a public hearing on the ordinance on Dec. 3.

So far, there havenít been any applications to open up a fortunetelling business, Board said.

If the mayor and city council like the ordinance in its current state, they will be able to approve it at their Jan. 22 meeting.