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The election is over, and more people in this country believed or at least still hope that President Obama can lead the charge in turning the nation, primarily the economy and the job situation, around in the next four years.

If that last four years are any evidence, then the verdict will be overwhelming that our nation is in big trouble under this president and his administration.

What truly amazes and astounds me is that the president still got 50 percent of the popular vote, not to mention more than 300 electoral votes. I wonder what it was about the dismal economic and foreign policy picture to give the president four more years.

Was it the $5 trillion to $6 trillion in new debt in only four years, averaging around $1.25 trillion per year? (Of note, President Obama criticized former President Bush for the $3 million to $4 trillion in new debt over eight years, which averaged around $400 billion per year.)

Was it the unemployment numbers that are actually higher than the current 7.9 percent? The real number is likely between 13 to 15 percent, if you count those who have dropped out of the work search.

Was it the almost $1 trillion of stimulus money that was lost?

Was it the $1 billion lost and squandered on failed green energy such as Solyndra?

Was it the nationalized health care system that was forced on us by a “reconciliation maneuver” in Congress that is now estimated, by the Congressional Budget Office, to cost approximately $2.5 trillion compared to the original estimate of just under a trillion?

Was it gas prices going from the national average of $1.80 in January 2009 to $3.60 at the time of the election, a 100 percent increase? Was it the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal that cost a border agent his life, where Attorney General Eric Holder dodged and delayed congressional inquiries and received executive privilege from the president?

Was it the botched and poorly handled Benghazi terrorist disaster that cost four Americans their lives and did not stop the president from heading off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser?

It saddens me that we are faced with four more years of the same thing.

The president continues to want to tax the wealthy more and more, yet according to the IRS and the Tax Foundation, the top 25 percent earners pay 86 percent of the taxes already. According to Forbes magazine and the website, there are 400 to 425 billionaires in the U.S. with a total net worth of $1.4 trillion.

If you took every dime they have and put it toward the current debt amount, it would only amount to about 8 to 9 percent of it. If that is all you get out of the billionaires, then going after the millionaires and those making more than $250,000 would result in even less progress against the debt.

The one thing that President Obama has not done is reduce spending, but then again, when you believe government is the answer, then that would be counterproductive. With more and more people receiving government assistance and people trying to see what and how much government can do for them, it is no wonder we have gone from “We the People” to “Me the Person.” Too many in America have replaced God and His work, the Bible, in their lives with government.

The Bible reads very clear; God is not mocked, you reap what you sow.

Lewis Twine, Bryantown