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I cannot decide what I am most excited for: presents and really good food or the fact I do not have to get up early for school. While I like seeing all my friends, I do not enjoy getting up to make that long fifteen minute trek to see them.

Call me lazy or spoiled, but as a seventeen-year-old, sleep has become my best friend. Say, is it too late to take back all those naps I did not want in kindergarten? They would definitely come in handy during first period.

Now that I am on break, I am finding that I have more time to do the things that I have neglected, like wrapping those presents that came in at the beginning of the month, or cleaning my room, and baking Christmas cookies with my best friend. While being on break is nice and all, it also means I run out of good excuses to avoid household chores. I mean I just love vacuuming and doing the dishes while I could be watching Christmas movies and sleeping on the couch. I am only kidding, but good thing this is published AFTER Christmas.

I love you mom.

On Wednesday, my family and I flew down to Louisiana to visit my grandparents and aunt. I love going down there not only to see them, but to gain 10 pounds from all that good Ďole bayou cooking. There is nothing like pecan pralines and boiled crabs. While steamed crabs with Old Bay are good, I definitely prefer crabs boiled with Zatarainís spices any day. Good thing I swim, thatís for sure.

Although it is break, the swim team still finds ways to hang out. For the girls, we planned a bowling night for those that would still be in town for the holidays. I had a great time realizing that maybe we all should stick to swimming because, well, bowling isnít exactly our forte, or at least mine anyway. Though we love the boys, we definitely enjoyed a little girl time.

The only thing that would make this Christmas better is if we had snow. Of course I am saying that without thinking of all the shoveling I would have to do or my flight being cancelled, but still some snow would be absolutely lovely. I just love the way St. Maryís County looks when the ground is covered in glistening snow, or at least from my bedroom window.

As the glitter settles and the anticipation of presents subsides, I try not to forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas. After all, Christmas does begin with the word ĎChristí and itís the day we celebrate our saviorís birth. That is what Christmas truly means to me.

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Alex Theriot, Leonardtown senior