Snowstorm amounts to flurries in parts of the region -- Gazette.Net


This story was updated at noon Dec. 30.

While the East Coast braced for a snowstorm this weekend, most area counties were hit with less than 3 inches, much of which has already melted.

“Temperatures were [high in some areas], so a lot of the snow was melting as it fell,” said Howard Silverman, a National Weather Service meteorologist, of the storm.

Frederick County received between 0.3 and 3 inches of snow during the storm, according to National Weather Service recordings. In Montgomery County, the most snowfall was recorded in Damascus, which got about 1.5 inches. Prince George’s received the least amount, only recording 0.5 inches.

While it didn’t turn out to be a strong storm in this area, many agencies in Frederick, Montgomery and Prince George’s were prepared for the expected weather. Each county had road crews on standby, patrolling roads for icy conditions.

“We have four wheel drives and officers on standby,” said Cpl. Joseph Simmons of the Frederick City police Saturday.

In Montgomery County, officials activated the counties storm operations center at 4 a.m. Saturday. The center coordinates transportation and highway services in response to weather emergencies that affect roads, said Donna Bigler, county spokesperson.

“They’re ready....They’re really not expecting a lot,” Bigler said. “We should be fine.”

Montgomery County Department of Transportation personnel were also patrolling roads in coordination with the Maryland State Highway Administration, as part of the center’s efforts, Bigler said.

The State Highway Administration also pre-treated state roads Friday in four counties — including Montgomery and Prince George’s — with a salt brine, which acts as an anti-icer.

Cpl. Larry Johnson, a Prince George’s County Police spokesperson, said Saturday that while the county was not expecting to get much snowfall, the department was emphasizing that motorists should drive cautiously.

“We’re monitoring the situation now,” he said, of the storm.