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Cheap natural gas has become a major interest in Calvert County. Dominion Energy wants to expand its Cove Point facility in order to export American natural gas. The Sierra Club is legally opposing this proposal because it encourages the use of more fossil fuels, which drive global warming and promotes the dangerous hydraulic fracturing drilling process used to extract the gas.

On Jan.17, 2013, the film “Gasland” will be shown at the Calvert Library Prince Frederick at 7 p.m. “Gasland” documents the problems with hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as “fracking.” On a recent Sunday morning program on CBS with Charles Osgood, this method of removing gas from deeply buried underground shale was briefly covered. A comment at the end was somewhat disturbing: “Fracking is here to stay.” That this statement could be made apparently illustrates the power of the gas and oil industry in this country. The effectiveness of grassroots movements in our country is often overlooked and underrated.

We are all, no doubt, familiar with the Pennsylvania family who demonstrated one of the problems with fracking: They can ignite the water coming from their faucet in their kitchen. Many health problems of citizens living near fracking sites are due to not only drinking and bathing in the contaminated water, but also from breathing the polluted air, often caused by gas leaks and the known and “unknown” chemicals used in the fracking process.

To learn more about the perils of this process, please put this date on your calendar and come view this documentary about one of our newest environmental hazards, fracking. Then, you may want to become a part of a grassroots movement to stop this industry from totally destroying two of our necessities for life — the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Norma J. Powers, Dowell