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Whatís wrong in America?

Events of late tell us much is wrong in our beloved nation. When a lunatic takes out his personal rage on precious little children together with the honorable, unsuspecting women entrusted with their care, something is radically wrong. Yes, the shooter was surely a monster, but look beyond this man and those preceding him with similar acts, and we note factors contributing to the insanity of modern American mayhem.

America has willfully turned away from the God of the Bible and things we once revered and respected. Prior to our succumbing to anti-God separatists and other atheistic special interest groups, Christmas was observed as the day we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, Godís only begotten son. True, within the last century or so itís been diluted with a fat, red-suited fellow supposedly bearing gifts. Nevertheless, Americans said Merry Christmas during the season and reflected on peace with God made possible through Christís miraculous birth; his sinless life; his crucifixion, burial and resurrection; and his intercessory mediation on behalf of redeemed sinners.

Today, itís evolved to happy holidays so as to not offend anyone. We promote winter solstice and holiday trees as we strictly avoid a simple Nativity scene animals, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, a peaceful scene now decried as foul. Couple such themes with no Ten Commandments posted, no public praying (except in emergencies) and no crosses permitted, all due to an intentionally deceptive misapplication of our Constitution, hence, foundational removal of God from our land.

Nowadays, we do whatever suits us as a society without fear of supernatural repercussions. No God equates to no right or wrong, no restrictions, no accountability, no judgment, no penalty and no eternal consequences. Finally, man, we are free. And, as life is so cheapened by the wanton snuffing out of the lives of our unwanted little boys and girls yet in their momís womb, what type of baseline are we setting in the minds of our youth? Abortion shouts that a childís life in the womb means nothing; thus, to those mentally deranged and/or otherwise evil among us, neither do the lives of others.

Factor, too, todayís most expressively vulgar and violent music, so much so that parental judgement demands posting. Consider the marketís incredibly lifelike super-violent video games and collectively look what weíve brought on ourselves.

We Americans must continue to observe and support our Constitutional right to bear arms. Our law-abiding, background-checked and firearm-trained citizens are often the first line of defense. Nothing deters a would-be bad guy faster than when he pauses momentarily to wonder if his intended victim might also be armed and thus very able to stop him dead in his tracks.

Chester M. Seaborn Jr., Mechanicsville