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Seer of the future

James A. McCray III

Welcome to 2013, one of the few times we have lived in a year with four different numbers.

Yeah, go ahead and think about it and get back to me. Cool, huh?

Anyway, with the coming of every Jan. 1 comes the making of lists. No, not the new Christmas list for the year, but the list of promises for the year. We are talking new year resolution lists.

So why should this edition of the SMAC predictions be any different?

I have had some time on my hands lately, so I decided to come up with the new year resolutions of teams in the Southern Maryland Athletic Conference this year.

And if you are new to the SMAC predictions, this is a column that takes a light-hearted approach to the upcoming set of games and matches. No need to get upset. Just read, laugh, smile, email me a thought or two, but smile and enjoy.

With that being said, I present the SMAC predictions.

Every basketball team wants to get in the gym more, right in line with number one on the new year resolution list: Get in the gym more. The difference being, these teams will be in the gym for longer than simply one month.

The Chopticon Braves boys basketball team will hit the treadmill hard and get running tonight against the Huntingtown Hurricanes and the North Point Eagles boys team will be in the corner flexing its new year muscle against the visiting Westlake Wolverines.

The Thomas Stone Cougars boys basketball team only purchased a one-month membership because it is simply a new-month resolution rather than one year and that purchase is good for a win against the McDonough Rams tonight as well.

Getting organized is another resolution-list favorite.

Yes, the Calvert Cavaliers girls basketball team will be organized and ready to run tonight in its road contest against the Leonardtown Raiders. Not that Calvert was unorganized in 2012, but you get it.

The Braves girls team will systematize itself and earn a win tonight against Huntingtown and the Northern Patriots girls hoops team will sort things out in the new year and earn a win against the Patuxent Panthers.

A St. Mary’s Ryken girls basketball team, which not only traveled to Arizona just before Christmas, will travel to Virginia tonight for a Washington Catholic Athletic Conference game against Bishop Ireton (Va.) The Knights don’t need organization, they need frequent flyer miles and will get the win.

Surely, for SMAC and WCAC wrestlers, their new year’s resolutions included losing weight and getting fit. It only makes sense here, people.

Who will be the slimmest and fastest, or bulkiest and strongest in the new year?

I believe the Cougars wrestling team will flex its muscle and sweep a Tuesday meet with hosting Leonardtown and also featuring McDonough.

The Lackey Chargers wrestlers will hold on to their watch-your-weight-get-you-body-right resolution longer than those who get a one-month gym membership then forget about it after two weeks, and defeat Calvert on Tuesday.

In other wrestling predictions for Tuesday night, Chopticon will defeat Huntingtown, Patuxent will defeat Westlake and La Plata will defeat Northern.

As I was reviewing the top new year resolution lists for 2013, one read, “Use less Facebook.”

However, maybe the SMAC swim team members can update their Facebook statuses after their wins.

I believe the La Plata Warriors boys and girls swimmers will update their Facebook status with, “Won our meet tonight,” after defeating Patuxent tonight.

Who else will update their statuses via Facebook or Twitter after wins tonight?

I believe that the Huntingtown boys and girls swimming contingent will be on their phones instantly after its win over Chopticon and McDonough and the Great Mills Hornets swim team will update, “Got the W, tonight,” after a win over Westlake.

Now while all those lists are filled, let me add a new resolution to my list: Get more predictions correct.