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Winter break is a great time for athletes to get some rest and down time during their seasons.

Hopefully, everyone was able to take advantage of this on our team also.

We only had two practices over break, but they were helpful. Itís very important that our entire team attends practices, as ďpractice makes perfect.Ē Every practice the team is continuing to work on technique. This should show positive results next time that we have a swim meet.

Our coaches were able to have a nutritionist talk to us before winter break.

Everyone learned a lot about our nutrition and what we should be eating. The nutritionist helped us individually as we all wrote down what we eat regularly and she made comments about our diets.

Many people were surprised that what they were eating wasnít the best for them as athletes. Swimmers need a balanced diet with a lot of carbohydrates to keep our energy levels up. Our diets are different than the average person, as we have to consume a lot of calories during the day. We were very lucky to be able to get helpful hints about our diets. Most athletes wouldnít have this opportunity.

This week we donít have a swim meet. Our team should be able to use this to our advantage. As everyone should be rested from break, itís time to push ourselves.

Swimming is not only a physical sport, but mental as well. Everyone needs to work on both parts. We are all expecting difficult practices with quick sets. These practices wonít be easy, but we all need to focus on our goals individually and as a team.

Next week, we have two meets. Wednesday, we swim against Lackey and Friday we swim against Westlake. Both of these meets will be significant for our team. We plan to perform to our true potential that we know we are capable of.

Amber Sandy and Taylor Stark

Thomas Stone juniors