Montgomery County Police investigating thefts of residents' mail -- Gazette.Net


Montgomery County Police are investigating a series of thefts of residents' mail in the county, some of which includes checks that have then been altered and cashed by the thieves, according to a press release.

Capt. Paul Starks, a spokesman for the police, said he did not know the number of thefts that have occurred recently, but said it is an ongoing problem. He said the thefts occur most often when residents leave their outgoing mail in a mailbox and leave their flag up, indicating that there is mail in the box.

Thieves have taken residents' checks for bills, altered them and cashed or attempted to cash them at area banks, Starks said.

“It does not stop happening,” Starks said. “The folks kind of forget or are choosing to take a chance, but they are allowing an opportunity for someone with bad motives to take advantage of them.”

Starks recommended that people take their important mail or any mail that contains a check to their local post office or a secured drop box.

Residents can report suspicious activities by dialing 911 or calling the non-emergency line, 301-279-8000.