County police department represented in Argentina -- Gazette.Net


Prince George’s County was represented in an Argentinean criminal law post-graduate course, as the county police department’s inspector general was a featured presenter.

PGPD’s Carlos Acosta led a presentation titled “Security, Justice and Technology” on Dec. 5 in Argentina’s Universidad Nacional de La Plata’s Information Technology and Economic Criminal Law Program course.

Acosta was part of a presenting team of international specialists and discussed how the county police department uses science and technology in conjunction with federal partners to close criminal cases.

Specifically, he outlined the IT forensic resources PGPD uses and spoke on specific cases involving the FBI and police working in a task force setting.

“Mr. Acosta and the PGPD are engaging the international community concerning a new model of policing that is emerging a decade after September 11, 2001,” said PGPD’s Deputy Chief Henry Stawinski in a statement. “The emphasis in Prince George’s County is on structures and collaboration. Law enforcement at every level must build structures that value and capitalize on information and ensure that it is shared in active dialog.”