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The La Plata Town Council appointed Hammad Matin as the Ward III councilman Tuesday evening.

Matin’s appointment fills the vacancy left by former councilwoman Paretta “Paddy” Mudd’s resignation at the December meeting.

Mudd’s resignation took effect Jan. 1.

“When considering the people who live in Ward III, Hammad’s name was foremost in my thoughts,” La Plata Mayor Roy Hale said in a press release. “I have known Hammad and his family for quite a while and felt very strongly that he would be a great fit and perfect representative for the town.”

In a follow-up phone interview with Hale, he said the council had considered “many other” possible replacements for Mudd, but Matin stood out.

“He was born and raised here, and he’s a local attorney who practices law right here in La Plata,” Hale said. “I think he’ll do an excellent job.”

Hale said the vote the council took to approve Matin’s appointment was unanimous and that Mudd approves of her replacement.

“We’re looking forward to working with him,” Hale said.

In a phone interview, Matin said he eagerly awaits his new position.

“After Paddy resigned, Mayor Hale had approached me and initially I didn’t know what he wanted,” Matin said. “He told me he was looking for someone who was interested in filling the spot and asked if I’d be interested.”

After making an unsuccessful bid for Charles County State’s Attorney in 2010, Matin said he decided to devote the majority of his focus to his law practice but sees the opportunity to serve on the council as a political posting of a different nature.

“Unlike other positions where you run because you want the job or the power, this was different,” Matin said. “This lets me serve the people of my town, where I live and work. I love this town very much, and it’s a wonderful town. It’s been very good to me. If I can work to continue the tradition of a small town that is growing in the right direction, then I’m excited to be a part of that and a voice for the residents of La Plata.”

Matin will fill the position until May 1, when the town holds town council elections. He is unsure whether he will run to keep the spot.

“I want to make sure I’m good at the position and can give it the time,” Matin said, adding that he was somewhat “nervous” about the time commitment involved.